Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome Lori Verton

Please welcome Lori Verton of Ontario, Canada. Lori welcomes your email to her at Lori has Adhesive Arachnoiditis, spinal stenosis, extruded diss and fibromyalgia.

Welcome Sharon of Ireland

Please welcome Sharon of Dublin, Ireland. Sharon welcomes your email at

Sharon says:

"Than you Karen for sharing this with me, I have read with interest your Journey so far. Its incredible and I so want to be your Dr's 1st Irish Guinuine Pig, I find the life you are living right now, its where I want to see myself in maybe a years time. I have listed the suppliments and vitamins that you take and I hope to bring it up with my GP(PC) on my next visit,I dont know whether he will be willing to help me. But nothing ventured nothing gained.

But life is good I am a very Lucky Girl I have the support of a Wonderful Husband who has been my rock through all of this. I have 2 Beautiful Children So 20 in Oct and daughter was 17 in Jan,

Once again Karen I am so happy that this protocol is helping you, and I look forward to meeting you in France July 1-4th,
Love Sharon aka Luckysg"

Welcome Courtnea Smith Stark

Please welcome Courtnea W. Smith Stark of New York. Courtnea welcomes your emails at

Courtnea says:

" I am disabled with Arachnoiditis, have been unable to work 2001, one year after spinal stenosis surgery which flared my Arachnoiditis so badly I was unable function let alone work. At the time of my diagnosis of Arachnoiditis, the two neurosurgeons that I saw said I needed the surgery, but didn't "seem" concerned about the arachnoiditis. In other words, they didn't know or care about it and it's effect on me after the surgery. I have been under the care of some very caring and competent Doctors for the past ten years and will gladly tell anyone who asks who they are and what they have done for me. I do have many problems related to Arachnoiditis and the meds I have been on but I try to ive eah day as it comes.
I would like to thank the founder of this website it is a great place for us to share."

Welcome Regina Allemond

Please welcome Regina Allemond of Texas. Regina's email address is and she welcomes your email.

Regina says:

"I added you on Facebook. Thanks"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Lisa Brouwer

Please welcome Lisa Brouwer. Lisa's email address is Please email Lisa. Lisa says:

"Hi there i have just bee diagonised with Arachnoiditis after surgery and i have a 8 month old daughter and i have know idea what this disease is of how to manage it. I am hoping for some advise guidence on this matter. Thank you."

Welcome Louis Vetere

Please welcome Louis Vetere of New York. Louis has mild arachnoiditis. He welcomes your email at

Louis says:

"Just a spinal injury occurred in 1979 at the age of 21. Since that time I have played basketball touch football, golf and skied for many years. I still workout with weights, jog and play golf (walking). After being diagnosed with mild arachnoiditis about 10 days ago. I'm experiencing tingling in the legs and a pressure in my lower back. But no real substantive pain. Is this how is starts or should I be experiencing a great deal of pain? Just curious!"

Welcome Jackie Scott

Please welcome Jackie Scott of Oregon. Jackie's email address is and she welcomes your contact. Jackie has Arachnoiditis and chronic lumbar radiculopathy.

Jackie would like to suggest a provider:
Dr. Stacey OHSU Comprehensive Pain Center Portland, OR (my recommendation)

Welcome Peter Groves of Austrailian Arachnoiditis Sufferers Queensland Association Inc

Please welcome Peter Groves of Queensland, Australia. Peter welcomes your email. His email address is

Peter says:

"I was injected with Myodil and Dimer x in 1976, followed by a laminectomy, later worked for 2 years then gave up due to failed back syndrome,1993 diagnosed with Arachnoiditis.2002 a 5day expose`in Sydney newspaper of contrast and 42 year medical cover-up exposing dangerous chemicals in x-rays of the was then I realised that I was a victim of this conspiracy and fraud that the medical profession was a part of with no informed consent. I firmly believe this is the worst medical scandal of the 20th century. AASQA, the support group I set up in 2003, is looking for recognition and a royal commission of inquiry into the abuse/use of Myodil/Patopaque that was used without licence or approval,the federal government put the public safety at risk,had a duty of care to protect the public failing to do so manifesting a betrayal of public trust. This is criminal fraud, casting the contrast as a means towards fatal injuries,with no treatment or cure. AASQA now has an office provided by the local council and we also have $11,000 in government grants and well on the way towards recognition we have federal government recognition and state government the federal government has AASQA in it`s national long term health strategy for the future."
Peter J Groves
President(AASQA Inc)
Australian Arachnoiditis Sufferers Queensland Association Inc