Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome Diana Couch

Please welcome Diana Couch of Arizona. Diana has Adhesive Arachnoiditis. She welcomes your email to her at

Diana says:

"I have read alot about AA. But at this point I am having trimers in my right hand and arm. (as of today) Can you tell me if this is part of my AA. I have AA from l1 to s1 as of 2/2010 Has not changed sence 4/2009

Please tell me more about camp!!!!!!!!!!"

From LWA: Diana, Camp is not associated with LWA. Please go to or contact Karen at

Welcome Kathryn Fisher

Please welcome Kathryn Fisher of the UK. Kathryn has Arachnoiditis. She welcomes your email to her at

Welcome Peter Rutkin

Please welcome Peter Rutkin of Queensland, Australia. Peter has Arachnoiditis. He welcomes your email to him at

Peter says:

"operation may 1992 at L4/5 .I had lain in hospital four days my specialist forgot me. given myelogram and operation,( discectomy and laminectomy).Have'cauda equina syndrome' (damaged cord at L4/5). Had 2nd myelgm 1992. 1994 tightness calves in shopping centres . baclofen to reduce the tightness and used stretches of my calves.Over years tightness spread down to my ankles. Have backlofen pump. Take lyrica, alopam & painkillers,fentanyl patch 25mcg/hr,dothep.Pain real bad now. regards peter (intrathecal pump"

Welcome Raymond Frizzell

Please welcome Raymond Frizzell of Florida. Raymond has Adhesive Arachnoiditis. He welcomes your email at

Welcome Linda Gall

Please welcome Linda Gall of Texas. Linda has Arachnoiditis. She welcomes your email to her at

Linda says:

"I have recently been diagnosed with Arachnoiditis. I am needing further information than I have read...specifically, what can I do myself to alleviate or minimize the pain? I just need information, and that is difficult to get."